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Ship Chandler Guinea

Guinea is one of the smallest and most beautiful countries in South Africa. We aimed to grow our company, which we established in the country of Guinea in the late 1980s, day by day, and we have always achieved a controlled growth with smart decisions in this direction. Of course, thanks to you, our valued customers.

Today, we continue to be the first in the ship chandler business in Guinea and continue to provide the highest quality service. When we first started work in Conakry port, we never lost our enthusiasm and desire to work.

We have always shown the full importance of the work we do and the necessary importance we can do to ensure that this work never progresses in an uneven way.

Thanks to our young and dynamic team, we have grown every year and today we have turned into a huge family thanks to you.

So what do Ship Chandlers do? A ship chandler is a person or company that provides supplies and services to ships, such as food, water, fuel, spare parts and other supplies. Ship clerk ships are typically located in ports and act as intermediaries between ship owners and suppliers.

At Kamsar port, Conakry port and other Guinean ports, a ship's clerk must do; We provide these supplies and services to ships berthed or anchored in the port. We continue our supply and services in all ports of Guinea, with special offers to you, to the needs of ships and in the local area.

Ship Chandler Guinean do not work with any intermediary company and we are in direct contact with all our customers and therefore we do not answer high fees to our customers. Today, many companies no longer work with any intermediary companies to meet the needs of their ships, thus making profits of up to 30%. By contacting us directly, you can directly resupply your ships without paying more for the same products. You can contact us at any time of the day by phone or e-mail.

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About Ship Chandler Guinea